The ARKSafe™

Backup Solution

The ARKSafe™ backup solution is a great way to protect the integrity of your data in all circumstances, even if your entire facility is lost to a fire or other disaster. ARKSafe™ is a proprietary backup system that runs on your file server, and copies all your important data over the Internet to a redundant and fault tolerant file server in the ARK Technologies data center.

The ARKSafe™ solution has the following advantages:

Excellent Value

The ARKSafe™ system is available at a very low monthly cost, or as a component of an ARK Technologies technical support contract.

No additional Hardware to purchase

ARK Technologies, Inc. will supply the custom software and any necessary hardware to integrate the solution.

Ease of use

The backup solution will be installed, configured, monitored, and supported 100% by ARK Technologies, Inc. Regular reporting to ensure data protection is available upon request.

Double Protection

The online Internet backups are a component of the entire ARKSafe™ solution. Local backups to local hardware are also maintained by ARK technologies, to ensure the most thorough protection and the fastest recovery time in the event of a failure.

Fast Recovery Time

Lost, corrupted, or missing files are very quickly and easily recovered from either local or remote backups whenever necessary. This operation is completely handled by ARK Technologies engineer.