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Design Specifically for The Small Business

Workstation Installation, Support, and Repair

ARK Technologies can configure your workstations to your environment. We can take a new or pre-existing PC and configure it specifically for your small business needs. All necessary updates can be configured to run automatically, and user needs can be granted or restricted as needed. A workstation configured an implemented by ARK Technologies will be extremely stable and trouble free.

Server Installation, Support, and Repair

Whether it is Microsoft, Novell, or Linux, ARK Technologies Engineers have extensive real world experience with server implementation, migration, support, and repair. Our engineers can accomplish any of your necessary server related tasks with precision and efficiency.

Network Design, Implementation, and Web Enabling

Even in small business, computer networking has become a necessity. Web enabling your business and sharing and accessing outside resources is easy and cost effective. ARK Technologies can show you the most efficient, secure, and effective way to fulfill your networking needs.

Application/Database Server Installation/Configuration

Many of today’s applications require a database engine on the back end. ARK can implement exactly what you need (and only what you need), ensuring a cost effective and trouble free solution.

Web Development

ARK Technologies has been building production web sites for small businesses since 1998. In addition to our in house web developers, we currently partner with multiple high-end web development firms. Credentials and samples are available on request, and no need is too big or too small. ARK developers are skilled at both design and development, and we can create a site which will guarantee hits.

E-mail Services

Electronic mail has also become a necessity, even in small business environments. Secure, virus proof, and reliable electronic mail will boost productivity for your employees and clients. Hosted on or off site, ARK Technologies can provide a rock solid solution.

New/Used Hardware Sales

Buying direct from the manufacturer has become the most cost effective way to purchase new hardware. If managed servers are not used, and workstations are not leased, buying direct makes sense for most workstation and server purchases. When hardware is purchased from ARK Technologies, little to no “mark up” is passed on to the client. Our business model does not depend on revenue from hardware sales at all, so we can recommend or offer the most cost effective hardware solutions. In some cases, previously leased equipment can be purchased at a very reasonable rate.