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Support Contracts for Existing Network Environments

Many existing small business environments have good pre-existing technology. Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire full time IT staff. The lack of full time IT staff and the cost of external IT consulting can make even a solid infrastructure a potential source of lost productivity and revenue in the event of a technology failure. ARK Technologies offers service contracts for existing environments which can guarantee a very high uptime percentage and fast problem resolution.

In addition to problem resolution, a typical service contract will include data backup configuration and monitoring to ensure the integrity of all mission critical data in the event of a system failure. This can also include off-site backups to our data center, to ensure that even if your site is physically destroyed or compromised, your data is still safe. This insurance, along with a guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement), is a great way to protect your existing technology environment. This is another one of our most popular services, and references are available on request.